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Pi-stacja is an ever-growing collection of short educational films that cover and are strictly aligned to the entire Polish core curriculum. We started with mathematics – on our website and on the YouTube channel we have already over 250 films, in which our tutors explain everything from natural numbers to multiplication of powers. Our goal is to equalize students’ opportunities by providing access to good quality educational materials that can be available anywhere and at any time. If one cannot afford paid tutoring, our free, engaging videos are the best alternative. We provide our users with high-quality, free educational content that they can learn anywhere and on their computer, tablet, or mobile phone. More on:


How to help teenagers plan their careers? Is one idea for a profession a good solution to the crazy pace of changes in the labor market and technological progress? These are questions that stand behind the idea of ​​creating a Career Map. With its help you can discover, learn and compare hundreds of professions and see the road leading to them from primary school. In line with the new curriculum, we want to make it easier for teachers to conduct attractive classes at school, where they will talk with students about the professions, qualifications, opportunities and the needs of the labor market. The Career Map encourages open, unrestricted thinking about the educational and professional future. There are two modes for working with the Map: City of Careers and Career Path. The first one, encourages searching for a job on a city map which contains buildings filled with workers. The second one, allows you to view all the Map’s resources in the list view. All this is suplemented with lesson plans, inspirations and a blog. More on:


As part of the OpenStax Polska project, we have prepared a translation and a cultural adaptation of an American “University Physics” texbook pulished by Rice University. More than 40 academicians from leading Polish universities worked on the adaptation, guaranteeing a high level of quality. Together with the new textbook, we have also provided a Polish version of the hosting platform (CNX), allowing for easy adaptation of the content to the specific needs of lecturers and students. The digital version of the textbook can also be downloaded in its entirety for free in PDF format, and the textbook can be used via the mobile application. This innovative form of textbook – thanks to the right of reuse – guarantees not only that this and other textbooks are and will be free, but also that they can be updated and improved by other academic staff and universities without additional costs or legal barriers. Such broad possibilities are ensured by the publication under a Creative Commons license.  More information at: